Senior Choir

The Senior Choir is a long-standing volunteer organization, participating in Sunday worship each week and in special services during the year. The group has changed over the years and is now about six members, all women. They rehearse for 45 minutes before each Sunday service and are able to sing in up to three parts. During holiday seasons, the group is usually augmented by former members and family members so that they are able to sing more challenging music. The choir has always been identified by its faithfulness and willingness to be present at every service. Another unique trait is its flexibility as the members are able to present appropriate music no matter how many are present on any particularly week. 'Through the years, the choir has worked around family situations, illness, education, and other demands on time, but has remained committed. We are proud of being able to participate in each service and hope that there will be a choir at Christ's Church for many more years.(back to top

Bell Choir

Bell Choir 4th of July

Christ’s Church Handbell Choir Christ’s Church Bell Choir, also known as the Saxtons River Ringers, began in the late 1980’s with memorial gifts in memory of a longtime Saxtons River resident, Donald Musgrove. Extensive fund raising by the music committee of Christ’s Church provided enough additional funds to purchase 2 octaves of Schulmerich Handbells and rehearsals began in the fall of 1989 with Mary Jane Bosworth as director. Eventually a 3rd octave of bells was also purchased.

In June 1991 the choir attended the Area I American Guild of English Handbell Ringers’ Festival at UVM in Burlington, VT. This 4 -day conference of workshops and rehearsals culminated in a spectacular concert featuring over 700 ringers!

Since that time the choir has attended numerous Area I Festivals and Annual Spring Rings. They have provided music for Sunday worship service, Christmas concerts for the annual Village Tree – Lighting, music for several memorial services, performed at the Springfield Library, and recently provided music for Brenda Thomson and Rick Barbour’s wedding in the hills of Topsham.

New members are welcome at any time! (back to top)

Rhythmic Dancers

Rhythmic Dancers

Our Rhythmic Choir was formed in the late 70’s and was made up of young people in our Youth Group. However, over the years it has developed into a group for all ages from teens through senior-aged members. We participate in all our Christmas Eve Services – as a Candle Choir, develop and participate in an Easter Sunrise Service as well as special occasions at our church. The Choir provides an opportunity for fellowship as we work on worship through movement depicting praise or telling a story. We do not meet at a regular time, but set a schedule geared to that of our participants as we prepare for a particular service. We are always open to and invite new members. Choreography is set within the range of individual physical abilities and dance “experience” is not necessary. (back to top)

Prayer Circle

The Prayer Circle has about eight members, no meetings,dues,fund raisers or telephone calls to make. Most of the participants are members of Christ's Church, but anyone who feels called to pray for others is welcome to join us. Most requests for prayer are sent by e-mail but occasionally they have been delivered in person or by phone. Prayer Circle participants are asked to keep the individuals in their thoughts and prayers throughout their day. Those who have requested or received prayer have reported they have been very appreciative of the support and felt it made a difference for the person in need of prayer and for the supporting families and friends as well. For more information, to request prayers for a loved one, or to join the Prayer Circle, contact Roberta Geist by e-mail or phone 802-376-6178.  (back to top)


Micah Circle

    Micah Circle

    The Micah Circle represents the governing body of Christ’s Church. Micah 5:8 is our guiding scripture… “And what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God?”

    The Micah Circle was instituted a few years ago and represents a change from the traditional Church Council and has been evolving ever since its inception. Members commit to a one year term and work with other Micah members in conducting the business of the church. With the above scripture in mind, the Circle takes care of immediate matters but strives to make sure there is meaningful worship and educational opportunities, to encourage others to volunteer and serve where there is a need, to make sure there is good communication, dialog and feedback with the congregation in decision making and any interests brought before it. It also strives for good communication and interaction within our village…and beyond. The Micah Circle usually meets once a month and oversees a monthly congregational meeting.

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Women's Fellowship

Women's fellowship

The membership of Women's fellowship includes all women of the church and is also open to women in the community who wish to fellowship with us. In keeping with our stated purpose to cultivate the spirit of Christ in every area of human life.

Christ’s Church Women’s Fellowship supports the following missions:
Concern America in Columbia
Soil for Life in Africa
What If? Foundation in Haiti
Kurn Hattin in Westminster, VT
Our Place in Bellows Falls, VT
Blue Door Lunch Program in Saxtons River, VT
Christ’s Church and
Village Early Learning Center (through fuel assistance) in Saxtons River, VT

Most meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month during the school year.

Members of the Executive Board: Roberta Geist, Mary Jane Bosworth, and Carol Perley. (back to top)


The blue door on the back parking lot of the church has welcomed kids and adults for five summers. Begun as a way to make up for the absence of free and reduced price lunches available to kids during the school year, it soon became a welcoming place for all children, teens and adults to meet over a simple lunch from Mondays to Fridays during the weeks of summer vacation. The menu is simple and kid-approved -- sandwiches, cookies fruit and drinks. Specials include mac and cheese, grilled cheese, ice cream cones and pizza, all on special days of the week.

We have welcomed family groups, mothers with young children, baby-sitters with their charges, and visiting grandparents. This past summer we opened our doors to the kids at the Saxtons River Rec Area day camp. Board games are available for rainy days and we were visited this past summer by a literacy group who held a story hour and distributed free books. Most days the staff consists of two adults and perhaps a teen earning community service credit. It has proved to be a rewarding experience for Blue Door .

Saxtons River folks value sharing, working and socializing together. In that spirit, Christ's church sponsors free suppers every Wednesday at 5:30 p.m.. from October through April. Each Blue Door Community Supper is a simple affair, designed to bring people together, with a minimum of work for those who agree to host the meal.  Each Wednesday  community members help by preparing soup, setting up and serving, cleaning up, and delivering leftover soup to the Our Place Drop in Center the following morning.  Blue Door Community Suppers are free; however, any donations received are given to Our Place or Greater Falls Warming Shelter.  Persons interested in hosting and/or being soup makers should contact Wanda Salter at 869-2582 or  If you are unable to host a meal or prepare a soup, we hope you will still come to enjoy a simple soup supper and the warmth of our community any Wednesday from October 1st through the end of April.

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